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E-Commerce Specialist Track

You need to learn the basics of the e-commerce ecosystem including:

Module I: Business Model Development

  • State of E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Value Proposition & Business Model
  • E-Commerce Business Activation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Competitive Analysis using SWOT and Blue Ocean

Module 2: Payment systems & fraud handling

  • E-Commerce Payment Methods
  • Fraud Handling and Chargeback
  • Taxation
  • Security Compliance

Module 3: Site development

  • E-Commerce Solutions: WordPress, Magento, Drupal
  • Google Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • LiveChat
  • Product description & photography
  • Marketplace development
  • Website Policies
  • Mobile / Responsive Development

Module 4: Digital Marketing

  • Buyer’s Journey
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media profile creation
  • Content Marketing
  • 21-days digital marketing campaign

E-Commerce Entrepreneur Track

You must always be active and on the lookout for commerce industry developments including:

Module 5: Security

  • Web Application Security
  • Web Application Testing
  • Reporting Cybercrime to Authorities

Module 6: Policies & customer support process

  • E-Commerce Law
  • Data Privacy Law
  • Cybercrime Law
  • Consumer Protection for E-Commerce & Online Sales Promotion Guidelines
  • Digital Marketing Ethics

Module 7: Supply chain management

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management and Business-to-Business E-Commerce
  • Logistics Management
  • Supply Chain Management Network Design
  • Supply Chain Scalability

Module 8: Industry exposure

  • E-Commerce Entrepreneur Startup Meetup Project Presentation (join Asian tour Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand OR USA tour)
  • E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Participation & Presentation. (Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao)

E-Commerce Professional Track

You need to seek constant growth, get known on what you do and how you can help others. Do it through:

Module 9: E-Learning & Help Desk Support Systems

  • E-Learning Creation for Customer Support
  • E-Learning for Skills Showcase
  • E-Learning Business & Revenue Models
  • Conduct 11 hours of webinars, & trainings to target prospects.

Module 10: Advertising & Affiliate Marketing

  • Search Engine Advertising Campaign
  • Social Media Advertising Campaign
  • Influencer Engagement Campaign
  • Affiliate Marketing Program Creation & Recruitment

Module 11: Professional Consulting, Outsourcing, & Project Management

  • Dealing with 3rd party entities
  • E-Commerce Project Management
  • Becoming an E-Commerce Professional / Consultant
  • E-Commerce Professional Launch
  • Conduct 11 hours of client presentation talks.

Methodology and Class Schedule

The Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program can be taken purely online. Consultation sessions are done through weekly webinars, live chat, private messages.

Lessons are hosted in an e-learning site where assignments can be uploaded.

Those who would like to earn units from AIE College and Asian Institute of E-Commerce, under the Diploma in E-Commerce, need to:

  1. Attend the face-to-face learning sessions (module 8);
  2. Join the weekly online webinars;
  3. Complete the assignments, and
  4. Finish all live project deliverables.

Face-to-face classes are organized on by-appointment basis with the instructor – Janette Toral.

We are also accepting international students (outside of the Philippines).

Program Collaborators

This training program is a joint project of Asian Institute of E-Commerce, AIE College (Dagupan City), and e-commerce advocate Janette Toral.  AIE College (Dagupan City) is the only school in the Philippines and ASEAN that offers a Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce program as of this writing.

Program Fees

An official receipt from Asian Institute of E-Commerce / AIE College (Dagupan City) will be issued to all participants for the payment received. Meals, international travel, accommodation, optional reviews cost are not included. 

For questions or clarification about this program, contact Janette Toral at 0917-4490011 or send a private message through her Facebook page.

Option 1

Four thousand pesos (P4,000) per module (except for module 3 and 8 which is P8,000). Total payment of P52,000.

Option 2

Cash payment for 11 modules is forty-five thousand pesos (P45,000).

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