Get the Certification

To earn certification status, a student must be able to complete the following corresponding outputs within the time-frame prescribed. The whole program & certification requirements must be completed within 18 months.

E-Commerce Specialist Certification

  • Complete module 1 to 4 to-do tasks (assignments)
  • Create an e-commerce website.
  • Get a business listed in an e-commerce marketplace with at least 10 products or services. (unique and/or bundled)
  • Execute a 21-days digital marketing campaign promoting your e-commerce website.

E-Commerce Entrepreneur Certification

  • Pass the Certified E-Commerce Specialist requirements.
  • Complete module 1 to 8 to-do tasks (marketplace related assignments)
  • Create an e-commerce marketplace hitting targets agreed upon.
  • Execute a 66-days digital marketing campaign promoting the marketplace website.
  • With your classmates, organize an E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit.
  • Present your E-Commerce Marketplace Project at the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit and E-Commerce Startup Meet-up.

E-Commerce Professional Certification

  • Pass the Certified E-Commerce Entrepreneur requirements.
  • Complete module 9 to 11 to-do tasks
  • Create and Deliver a 10-hours E-Learning Program for your marketplace prospects or clients or sharing your e-commerce knowledge to the public at large.
  • Create your E-Commerce Professional website citing services you can offer.
  • Deliver E-Commerce Briefing Face-to-Face Presentation to 11 companies or groups who are prospective or possible repeat clients (at least 11 hours total).

Start Your E-Commerce Journey Now

Option 1

Four thousand pesos (P4,000) per module (except for module 3 and 8 which is P8,000). Total payment of P52,000.

Option 2

Cash payment for 11 modules is forty-five thousand pesos (P45,000).

Stories Of Our Successful E-Commerce Leaders

This program started in 2015. Apart from completing the tasks and projects, students also present their projects in events such as:

Some of them pursued their class projects as a business while others continued on with their own projects.

Our graduates came from Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Baguio, and Bohol.

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Push for the growth of e-commerce entrepreneurship and serve the growing needs of businesses locally and internationally.